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Bhagavad Gita: A Precise Rendering

A modern rendition of the ancient text. The sage Krishn gives the knowledge of Self, action, meditation, and Self Realization to the inquiring mind, personified by the warrior-prince Arjun. Concentrated in the Gita are some of the most profound and fundamental issues which daily confront all human beings. Published in 2001.

326 pages

The Essential Vision

A book about the essential reality, which permeates everything everywhere. Swami Shyam calls this sarvaanu bhoo - the DNA of the universe. At once intimate and profound, this book contains several color photographs.

32 pages

Message of Unity

An inspiring interview with Swami Shyam conducted by the Indian poet Dr V N Tewari on national television, translated from the original Hindi to English. Swami Shyam describes the meaning of Bhaarat, the light of Brahm and many other ideas central to the Indian philosophical system of Vedant.

58 pages

Vision of Oneness: Talks and Discourses of Swami Shyam

An inspiring collection of writings, discourses and question-and-answer sessions with Swami Shyam at the IMI. Topics range from the philosophical to the practical, and include freedom, clear thinking, the knower and meditation. The book includes a glossary of terms.

280 pages
(Soft Cover)
(Hard Cover)
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