CDs and DVDs: Talks by Swami Shyam  
The Divine Knowledge Series

The Divine Knowledge Series is an enlightening collection of discourses given by Swami Shyam, filmed in the Himalayas, where he resides. Each talk elucidates a particular subject in the field of Aatma Gyaan , or Knowledge of the Self. These talks deepen our understanding and take us into the state of meditation, where we experience our own supreme nature. The talks range from 20 to 40 minutes and are available as video DVDs and audio CDs. New titles are released regularly.

The discourses have been arranged in sixteen categories. Click on a category to browse the titles and their descriptions.



Desire and Desirelessness


You are Pure, Free, Forever


Freedom from Birth and Death

Mind, Intellect, Senses and Self


Vision of Oneness

Praan and Praanaayaam

The Knower and Knowingness

The "I" / Ego and Egolessness

Self Realization

Questions and Answers

Other Topics

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Divine Knowledge Series Catalog: Part 2

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