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The Year of Blissful Existence and Consciousness


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2013 New Year's Message from Swami Shyam
The Year of Blissful Existence and Consciousness
January 1, 2013


I wish you beauty, wonder, delight, and a blissful year!

We have seen the forms with our eyes. We have heard the sounds with our ears. Thus, up to this time, we have known people with names and forms, and things and objects with their names and forms, too. There has been a tradition for all human beings to use their ego, intellect, mind, and senses to see the manifest world of forms that change. Certain things end, certain things appear, and again certain things disappear.

Therefore, all these years, we have become accustomed to having knowledge of objects and persons with names and forms. Through our habit of daily meeting with them, we got attached to their forms and names, to our houses and our pets, to our neighbours and city, and to our countrymen and the world.

But each one of us, when we were sleeping yesterday in the night, during which 2012 ended, did not know that 2012 had ended, and we did not know 2013 had begun, or that something new was coming or new forms were coming. The waking-state mind, which has been built up over two thousand and twelve years, did not know in the night whether 2013 was coming or not coming. But out of Absolute Awareness Existence, that mind appeared and, out of its habit, again became aware that body exists, bed exists, house exists, car exists, journey exists, people exist, satsang exists, and satsangees exist.

What Swamiji is saying to all of you is that all existing things, forms, and names are based on Pure Existence, Pure Consciousness, and Pure Bliss. All human beings have not been given the power on the level of their ego, intellect, mind, and senses to know this because they don't have the ability to see their source-Pure Existence.

Everybody began to think that by birth he is; that his year or time begins from birth. Then he remains busy learning, earning, and having relations. He has joys and no joys. He is sometimes sick, sometimes sorry, and sometimes happy. And he always thinks the next day will come and be much better. We all thought that way about today, New Year's Day 2013.

It is the next day, the New Year, a new day, and new persons have come in front of us. So, I wish you Happy New Year!

Customarily, everybody wishes Happy New Year, but now, everybody who listens to this has to pay attention on this: This year, from this day onwards, he is full of delight, he is full of joy, he is beautiful, and he is always blissful.

So it is the Year of Blissful Existence and Consciousness.

Thank you, everyone.